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Pure Bronte P.D.O. Pistachio Paste

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The Bronte P.D.O. Pure Pistachio Paste is a product for who puts quality at first place. This product has only one ingredient the "Pistacchio Verde di Bronte DOP" and it is therefore 100% pure and meet all the regulations that govern the P.D.O. mark.
Final price

The Bronte P.D.O. Pure Pistachio Paste guarantees a high quality ice-cream.

It is obtained by processing just "Bronte P.D.O. Pistachio nuts" and meets every existing legislation that regulates the PDO mark. 

This product is suitable for those who want to make a certified final product of excellent quality. The price, as well as the quality, offered by for this product are unbeatable. 

Beware of too low prices for this product, you may run into scams (such as the addition of foreign (not from Italy) pistachio nuts or vegetable oils to increase the weight). 

This paste has a very intense color and the tipical smell of  Bronte Pistachio nuts and has a high consistency. 

If you are interested in large purchase of this product, please get in touch with us, our technicians will advise you and you will get a Great Deal! 


Ingredients: Pistacchio Verde di Bronte DOP

Maria Assunta 06-04-2021 5/5
Maxime 29-03-2021 5/5
Francesca 11-02-2021 5/5
Con questa pasta il gelato è un capolavoro!
Richard 28-01-2021 5/5
il miglior olio di pistacchi , Faccio i muffin al pistacchio...bellissimo!
Capozucchi 22-01-2021 5/5
Simona 18-01-2021 5/5
Gute Qualität, damit kann man ein sehr gutes Eis herstellen.
ALESSANDRO 13-01-2021 5/5
Prodotto di alta qualita'.
Elizabeth 13-01-2021 5/5
Ludivine 13-01-2021 5/5
Amazing good!
Miriam 13-01-2021 5/5
Si tratta di prodotti ottimi
Florian 11-01-2021 5/5
Molto Buono
Alessi 11-01-2021 5/5
Prodotto fantastico, il più buono mai sentito

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