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The natural bronte pistachio is sent in vacuum bag. It may be used too cook in your kitchen or bakery. It is suitable for cooking pasta, cookies, creams or ice cream. It may also be used for processing mortadella, salami in general or, in particular, pistachio sausage usually made by Sicilian companies. It 's strongly recommended for making cakes but it may be tasted alone as a dried fruit.
The almond is a typical product of Sicily.Its use in confectionery is a symbol of the land of the sun especially in the famous almond paste. The almond is a seed particularly rich in magnesium, calcium and iron.
Hazelnuts may be snack to enjoy at the end of each meal. One more reason that may convince us to eat them are their great nutritional properties, they help eyesight and also are good for the hearth .They are also an excellent basis for preparing delicious cakes.
We are specialized in the production and sale of plants of different types (Pistacia terebinth, Pistacia Atlantica, Pistacia Integerrima and a new hybrid UCB 1).
This category is dedicated to artisans who want to make a wonderful pistachio ice cream. Please contact us if you need any help in choosing the product that best suits you and your needs.
Granita is a typical Sicilian product. Our doughs will allow you to make the authentic Sicilian granita without too much effort and with a great quality.
Various homemade creams of many dry fruits. They will give you power if eaten at breakfast or will help you enjoy the day if spread on bread as a delicious snack.
In Italy the "Pesto" is something special, in Bronte the "Pesto al Pistacchio" is something even more special. You need to try this faboulous product to season pennette or spaghetti or any meat-based meal.
Desserts have always to be served after a good meal. Here we present some Bronte's traditional desserts, all handmade and obviously really genuine. There is no need to trust any industrial product when a sane, genuine handcraft sweet is available.
Our creams mini-topping are simply delicious, perfect to decorate ice creams, cakes, desserts etc .... Many flavors available to impress guests and delight them with sweet creations with a special flavor. The packaging, plastic squeeze-bottle of 190 grams, has a "close open" cap for maximum hygiene protection.
Typical Sicilian, composed of pistachio and caramelized sugar, a sweet tasty dessert ideal to be eaten for breakfast or as a snack when hungry. Delicious, to be savored slowly in your mouth until completely dissolved.
Pistasta.it is pleased to introduce its new category of D.O.C. wines from the Etna Volcano. Here you will find an exceptional assortment of wines all certified to be from Etna National Park.
Extra virgin olive oil DOP Mongibello, obtained from the fine variety of olives Nocellara dell'Etna. These oils are Controlled and guaranteed by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. They all are low in acidity, tasty and fragrant. This oil is obtained by hand picking the olives and cold squeezing. The extra virgin olive Mongibello D.O.P. is produced on the slopes of the volcano "Etna" at 700 m.
Jams of strawberry with Sicilian oranges juice, strawberries and wild strawberries, Etna blackberries and raspberry... All have a minimum content of 60% fruit. Ideal for a breakfast full of flavor and nature. We transform other precious fruit exclusively from local crops such as pears thigh, fishing snuff that grow along the banks of the Simeto river.