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Products on offer

This section contains all the products that are currently on offer on Pistasta. Don't miss out on our limited opportunities, all offers are in fact limited in time!
Shelled Almonds from Avola
Gemelle Pizzute (Pointed Twins) Shelled Almonds from Avola . Great for making desserts such as nougats, cakes or savory dishes. Suitable for bakeries and ice cream shops that put quality at first place.
3,80 €
Now only:
3,42 €
Stuffing pistachio cream
Pistachio cream for stuffing pastries (as croissants), pies, cakes, cannoli and so on. An excellent product having both quality and convenience.
19,90 €
Now only:
17,91 €
Pure hazelnuts paste
The pure hazelnut paste is suitable for the preparation of handmade ice creams, creams for fillings or icings. The preparation is always carried out with freshly roasted hazelnuts, so as to ensure the persistence of aromas and flavors of the final product.
8,50 €
Now only:
7,65 €
Chopped toasted hazelnuts
Product obtained by granulation of toasted hazelnuts. This product is sold in vacuum bags suitable to preserve its fragrance for a long period. Ideal for the preparation of cakes or as topping for any kind of desserts.
3,90 €
Now only:
3,51 €
Raw Sicilian Pistachio Paste
Unlike other Pure Pastes this is not refined (thus overcoming 60 microns radius). This paste contains small pieces of roasted pistachios.
45,00 €
Now only:
41,85 €
Sicilian Shelled Almonds
The Tuono variety is of excellent quality, but compared to all the other varieties of almond is less rich in oil. Consuming a daily, small ration of nuts like almonds helps your health...
4,50 €
Now only:
4,05 €

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