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09-05-2012 - Bronte's Pistachio got the DOP mark

Bronte's Pistachio got the DOP mark

The "Green Gold", the Bronte's Pistachio has finally gotten the DOP mark, the European list of things which origin must be protected.
All the paperwork has finally finished and Bronte's green gold is now a little more protected.

Practically, who want, from now on, put the DOP mark on his own pistachio must pass various checks from the Italian Ministry of Agriculture which will guarantee the origin and the quality of the product.

We hope that now the gap between the producer's profit and the merchant's one will get slimmer and slimmer, but it looks like is not going to be so. 

Many of the growers have not enough money to get this certificate and may be penalized by this news.

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