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Sicilian in shell pistachio nuts

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Pistachio nuts in shell, directly from Sicily to your table. A product low in price but high in value.
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Pistachio in shell is the right choice if you want to save on the purchase. 

The Pistachio Siciliano (which is not a PDO product), is not processed and placed directly on the market.

This product is available for only a few months after harvest (which takes place in odd years) since most of the crop is immediately shucked to ensure a better preservation. 

When this product is not available we recommend the purchase of: 

Shelled Sicilian Pistachio


Bronte P.D.O. Pistachio

Sebastiano 17-01-2022 5/5
Virginia 17-01-2022 5/5
mohamed 15-11-2021 3/5
pas assez croquante

Limited Product

This product is only available for a limited time. It will soon no longer be available because those who produce it will stop doing so as season ended. Contact us for more information.

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