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Pistachios pesto

Pistachio pesto, healthy and nutritious. Many pistachio nuts together with a few other wholesome ingredients give rise to a typically Sicilian product. It is the most natural pesto.
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The most natural pesto 

Ready to pour on pasta and make your palate taste the flavors of Sicily. 

The Pistachio Pesto celebrates the exquisite blend of fragrant freshness of pistachio and a few simple wholesome ingredients (such as, for example, nutmeg, salt and pepper), all selected for you to stand out the true flavor of pistachio.

The Pistachio Pesto is ready to be poured on just drained pasta (like Pennette) . 

For a better use, you can add some salted water (where you cooked the pasta) to dilute the pesto. 

With a jar of 190 grams you can dress up to 1 kg of pasta. 

The processing of this pesto is completely handmade and performed in Bronte. Constants controls guarantee the quality of this product. 

Ingredients: Pistachio 60%, sunflower oil, salt, pepper, nutmeg and dietary fiber.

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