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Almonds Pesto

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Ready to mix with pasta, to spread on toasted bread or to add flavor to both first and meat second courses. A simple and genuine recipe that has all the flavor of Sicily.
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The Sicilian Almonds pesto is an original and very tasty recipe. The pesto is made only with carefully selected sweet and bitter almonds all of Sicilian origin. 

Just drain the pasta al dente and mix this pesto for a few seconds in a pan with a little 'cream and then serve it all directly on the plate. 


This pesto is also suitable for flavouring main dishes of fish, meat or vegetables.

Andrea 02-08-2022 5/5
Helvio 07-10-2021 5/5
ottimo con la pasta
Andrea 24-08-2021 5/5
Andrea 28-06-2021 5/5
Helvio 10-03-2021 3/5
Vittorio 11-01-2021 5/5
...molto buono.
De Dominicis 11-01-2021 4/5
Molto buono utilizzato per condire la pasta
Helvio 11-01-2021 4/5
Buono ma a mio gusto non comparabile al pesto di pistacchio
monica 11-01-2021 4/5
Particolare ma buono

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