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Pistachio and Cherry Tomato Pesto

The pistachio and dry cherry tomato pesto is a big news on Pistasta.it. A very original recipe only available on Pistasta.it. A simple but tasty addition to the particular flavor of pistachio pesto.
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The pistachio and dry cherry tomatoes by Pistasta.it is a recipe that comes from the harmonic combination of authentic ingredients of the Mediterranean tradition. 

This pesto is noted on the palate like a simple dry tomato pesto but then, in the aftertaste, it releases the fabulous flavor of pistachio. 

The soft texture and thickness makes this products a perfect a sauce for pasta (maybe with a sprinkling of parmesan) or as a sauce to be spread on appetizers, sandwiches and bruschetta. 

A perfect combination of two of the most famous products of the Sicilian land. 


A must try that will suprise you.