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Dried Fruit / Sicilian Almonds / Peeled Avola Almonds

Peeled Avola Almonds

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Peeled Almonds from Avola. Product obtained by peeling of raw not roeasted almonds. A product suitable for the preparation of almond pastries, cakes or sweets. Ingredients: Almonds Twin of Avola.
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Product obtained from natural sweet almond, previously shelled, subjected to the action of steam and hot water for the elimination of the seed coat and then dried.


Ingredients: Almonds Twin of Avola.

Desiree 14-01-2021 5/5
Prodotto eccellente un sapore unico
Maurizio 13-01-2021 5/5
Si, sono soddisfatto. Prodotto di qualità e ben confezionato.
Marianna 13-01-2021 5/5
I prodotti sono selezionati, ottima qualità
Annarita 11-01-2021 5/5

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