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Ground Pistachios

The ground pistachio nuts can be used to decorate the ice cream cone. It's good to enrich the taste of first and second courses as well as for the preparation of traditional pasta with pistachio or even make desserts like cakes, crepes, etc. ..
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This is a tasty and versatile products, with which you can decorate ice creams, sweets and cakes. 

It has a deep emerald color and the typical flavor of pistachio. 

The ground pistachios are not only suited to desserts, can be used creatively for original savory recipes. Like all nuts, pistachios are also an excellent source of "good" fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated), and among these we find the precious linolenic acid (omega 3). 

Our grain is vacuum-packed, this ensures a long shelf life. 

The preparation of this product is completely handmade and uses only mechanical processes. It is produced in Bronte and constant controls guarantee the quality. 

Ingredients: Pistachio