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Shelled Sicilian Pistachio

The Sicilian Pistachio with no shell is known and appreciated all over the world. It can be eaten on its own or can be used as an ingredient in various culinary preparations (sauces, ice cream, cakes, etc ...).
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Reaches the consumer after being deprived of its husk, it sun dried for a few days, and then shelled through special machines.

By buying this product you can be sure to get the amount of purchased Sicilian pistachio nuts. Unlike the pistachio in shell, in fact, this product has no "tare weight" represented by the same shell.This nuts are not treated by chemical processes, but only mechanical ones. 

This pistachio is neither salty nor toasted, it is therefore suitable for the preparation of dishes, both sweet and savory. 

This is not a P.D.O. Bronte pistachio. It 'produced by small farmers that are not members of the consortium for the protection of the "Pistacchio Verde di Bronte D.O.P".

1kg of this product is ideal for your recipes, its flavor accentuated allows the use of small amounts for backing cakes, pastries and will give them the authentic flavor of Bronte!