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Shelled Almonds from Avola

Gemelle Pizzute (Pointed Twins) Shelled Almonds from Avola . Great for making desserts such as nougats, cakes or savory dishes. Suitable for bakeries and ice cream shops that put quality at first place.
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The name "Gemelle Pizzute" (Pointed Twins) comes from the fact that the nuts always come in pairs.

In fact, (almost every) shell contains always two almonds. The almonds contained in the shell have a shape such as to engage onto each other, this fact gives the name "Twins" to this product. 

The almonds are shelled not roasted and not salted. 

They are sundried for several days before being packaged. 

Our almonds are suitable for the preparation of granite, almond milk, desserts and savory dishes. 


You will be surprised by the quality of this product and its ductility in preparations.