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Almonds pure paste

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The Sicilian Almonds pure paste has an intense aroma and releases, when used, the real taste of Sicilian almonds. Is the basis of many valuable recipes from Sicily like granita, ice cream, creams or icings.
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Sicilian Almods Pure Paste, genuine and highly refined made from carefully selected ingredients. For the creation of this product are used only whole almonds. 

It is great for creating the blancmange (typical almond pudding), the almond milk and the classic Sicilian granita. It can also be used for the preparation of ice cream. 

Our pure almond paste is produced by the use of high technology machinery and packed immediately after preparation, this allows the preservation of the product (container intact) for 1 year from the time of packaging. 

We wish to clarify that the company provides its technicians giving support to the preparation of your creams, ice creams or other preparations.

Ingredients: Lightly roasted Sicilian Almonds

Elisabetta 21-01-2021 5/5
Molto buona
Gelateria Italiana 13-01-2021 5/5
Pasta dal sapore delicato e profumato, un vero prodotto di eccellenza. Consigliatissimo
monica 11-01-2021 4/5

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